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Stereo Mojo Maximum Mojo Award
KCI is proud to announce that our Silkworm interconnects won a Maximum Mojo award from Stereo Mojo!! We are honored that they chose to review our cables, and even more honored to have been awarded their top recommendation. We'd like to offer our sincerest thanks to Stereo Mojo and their dedicated staff of reviewers for taking the time to review the Silkworm.

If you'd like to read an informative audio website with a unique take on reviews, visit ; and, if you'd like to read our review, just click our beautiful, new award.

Press reviews
Kool Cables Inc. was recently asked to cable a room at RMAF. We are proud to have been part of GR Research's room. Please take note of what Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile magazine had to say in their RMAF blog:

"How is it possible?"

Mark Schifter and Walter Liederman of AV123 continue to blow my mind. To their astoundingly low-priced line of quality loudspeakers, only available through the AV123 website, they have added two large loudspeakers from GR Research. Designed by Danny Richie, who previously designed the Epiphany Loudspeakers and is now redoing the crossovers in the Ushers—I am told that Wes Phillips will be reviewing one of Danny’s Usher make-overs for Stereophile—Danny is shown standing next to the GR Research LS6. Priced at $4500/pair, the speakers feature eight 6.5” woofers and six planar magnetic drivers. The LS6 not only boasts a 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, but also features bass drivers that are adjustable according to what the room and system can handle.

The pair I heard was cobbled together at the last minute, and was far from broken-in. Yet, coupled with a neutral, sensational-sounding pair of custom built Dodd Audio KT-88-based 280W monoblocks (normally $50,000/pair, available at the Show for a mere $30,000), Dodd battery-powered tube preamp, Dodd 1500W balanced power supply, and Kool Cables pure gold Silkworm cables and custom built power cables, the system sounded phenomenal. While the room itself overloaded during the final moments of the Ivan Fischer Mahler Symphony 2—Mahler is not made to be played softly—and it could not handle the full measure of Mahler’s percussion, the sound was full, rich, and monumental in scope. I was especially impressed with the glistening highs. This system made my mouth water. Even before their December release date, 100 pairs had been pre-committed to eager music lovers.

Customer reviews