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Can I get your cables in longer lengths than listed on your website?
Absolutely, we will be glad to make cables in a length you desire but please keep in mind that all of our cables, with the exception of the Soundbolts, are not shielded. We feel that unshielded cables over 4 meters in length should be avoided if possible.
So what you're saying is that shorter is better?
In our humble opinion....yes, besides it will save you money as well.
Do you offer other connection options such as XLR and BNC?
Absolutely!! Just shoot us an email and let us know what you need, we will be glad to take care of you.
Can I get your Silkworms custom made with a thicker gauge wire?
Yes you can but it can get pricey. As you increase thickness(down in gauge) this obviously requires more metal and since the metal we are talking about here is pure gold......well I think you see where I'm going here.
Is there an improvement in sound quality with thicker wire?
We have done testing on different gauges of wire and found that the difference was minimal, to our ears. The point of "diminishing returns" approaches very rapidly here folks. BUT, we have built custom or "Special Edition" Silkworms with 24 a.w.g.,22 a.w.g. and 20 a.w.g. wire and the customers swear by them. If you would like to be put in touch with these customers please inquire within.
I have noticed that in the past your Silkworm cables were priced higher
than they are now, why?

Silkworms are made from pure, 24 karat gold and due to that fact their price is effected by the gold market. We like to pass the savings along to our customers so if the price of gold goes down then we feel it is only fair to lower the price of the Silkworms but, please remember that this same principle also applies to an increase in gold prices.
Do you have a store front I can visit and see your different models?
Unfortunately we do not, we are a small company and trying to keep our costs down we do not have a B&M store. If you are in the area and would like to see or hear our cables please contact us and we will get you taken care of.
Do you make speaker cables? Do you make pure gold speaker cables?
It is in the works. We have prototypes and they sound good but sometimes it just seems that there isn't enough time in the day. We have made them from both pure 24K gold and from gold alloy. Of course the 24K gold sounds better but again, our old friend "deminishing returns" really starts to kick in on speaker cables! Lots more wire equals lots more $$$. We are currently focusing our attention on gold alloys.
I was at RMAF this year and one of the rooms had cables from a company
called "KCI", was that you guys? Who is "KCI"???

Yes we were asked to cable a room at RMAF this year. We were honored that GR Research used our cables in their excellent sounding room. We are more commonly known on the internet as "KCI" which is obviously just short for Kool Cables Inc.
Where can I find more information on your cables?
We are active on the resale site,, (we are under user id: Johngp). That site contains a ton of great information as well as some great used gear, auctions, forums etc. Another place you can find us is on Audio Circle, Audio Circle is a forum dedicated to audiophiles of all types and is packed full of great people and gobs of great information. Sign up and make sure and say hello, we are under user name: KCI-JohnP there.