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In this model we use a 22 a.w.g. pure silver wire custom pulled in Germany. This wire is rated at a purity of "five nines" or 99.999% pure silver. With this model you get all the Silkworm goodies such as over sized virgin Teflon, pure chemical free virgin silk, Eichmann Silver Bullets w/metal bodied plugs etc. One aspect that is most often overlooked yet is still extremely important is a cables strain relief system. Using a heat molding technique with dual set screws we have developed a new and much improved strain relief system that is extremely durable and rugged giving you, the customer, piece of mind knowing that your cables are built to last

A cable's strain relief system is an often overlooked, but vital aspect. Heat molding and dual screws make for rugged, durable cables and satisfied customers.

Weight, Size, Flexibility
Weighing less than one pound and with a bend radius of less than 2.0 inches the Firefly is a cable that defines manageability! Fireflies will easily integrate into your system, no more worries about Anaconda sized cables that weigh 10 pounds, bent RCA jacks and have no concept of the word flexibility.