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The Firefly is our pure silver cable that is not for the faint of heart. Using trickle down technology from the Silkworm the Firefly is assembled by hand using the same technique and components as the Silkworms with the exception of the wire.

This cable is fast, very fast. Offering the finest detail from bottom to top the Firefly is a fantastic cable that runs right down the center line of neutral.....when it is terminated with Eichmann Silver Bullets(standard). We designed this cable for systems that are a little on the warm side and need a little "livening up" and that it does, but, if you are really looking for a really nice upgrade opt for the Xhadow Precision RCA plugs; machined from pure OFC copper stock and then silver plated they give the Firefly a really nice balance of speed, detail, texture and fullness. The Firefly is revealing and will expose any short-comings of upstream components but please understand that this cable is not lean or thin sounding but rather the opposite, it has a full satisfying sound and sounds unlike most other pure silver cables youíve seen or heard. It is fast and clean offering a sound that is not colored or rolled off at any frequency in anyway. You can expect to hear things in your music that you have never heard before, these interconnects are real toe tappers!