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The Pegasus is a direct descendent of our award winning Silkworm. Using trickle down technology from the Silkworm the Pegasus is our top of the line digital cable interconnect. This cable is hand crafted using only the finest sounding products available. We designed the Pegasus from the ground up not with fancy looking components but with components that will pass the digital signal as no other digital cable has been capable of yet-producing the best sound quality from your high end digital components you expect.

This cable matches incredibly well with our Silkworms, Fireflies and Mandarina cables as it has the same sonic signature; smooth and slightly warm with that big open euphoric sound that the above three are known for. This cable can really help take the "digititus" sound out of digital signals and is recommended for the person who is looking to tame down their digital signal a little bit.The sound that you can expect from this cable is one small step to the warm side of neutral helping ease the "digititus" sound so many of us have come to accept when passing a digital signal. The Pegasus has beat out many high end cables costing many times the price of the Pegasus. With no loss of detail the Pegasus is an extremely accurate cable but with a pleasing open and airy sound that will give you an all new opinion of digital. Being a close relative of the Silkworm the Pegasus offers up a fantastically huge and involving sound stage the Silkworms are so well known for. Open, airy, big.....and scarily lifelike, the Pegasus will take you there! Go ahead, crank up the volume because under no circumstances does it ever lose control and become congested, compressed or thin and bright sounding. This digital cable is nice and smooth and will have you tapping you toes once again with your digital components online. Gone is that digital “edginess or forwardness". You will find yourself digital source like never before. breaking out cd's you haven't listened to in years. You haven't heard your system, until you have yourself a Pegasus onboard!!