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Pegasus - one meter in length $375
Each additional half meter $150
Upgrade to Xhadows fantastic sounding RCA plugs add $65
Upgrade to Xhadow XLR (AES/EBU 110) add $125
Add floating shield $125
Treat on Audiodharma Cable Cooker Pro
Treat with Walker SST Extreme
Free upon request
Please note
In late 2008, we incorporated most of the upgrades only available on the Silkworm S.E. into our entire line of unshielded cables, and the Pegasus receives the very same upgrades. These upgrades include, but are not limited to: a new and much purer Teflon that is even larger in diameter than our previous Teflon tubing. This gives even more of an "air dielectric" effect. The newer Teflon is as pure as is available on the market today, and is the same Teflon used in the dialysis machines found in top hospitals in this country. We have also incorporated a Carbon Fiber re-enforcement/separator bar into the strain relief of all of our new cables. Finally, dual layers of insulation/protective coverings are used. These upgrades have given our cables an improvement in sound quality, as well as making for a much more robust and durable cable. This is at no price increase to you, our valued customer.