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I'd rather not give away any proprietary secrets as we've already had a few of manufacturers' take some liberties with our cable/s that I'd rather not speak of, though I will divulge this; this newest cable does retain the original pure 24 karat gold Silkworm wire so you're still getting your fair and expected dose of pure 24 karat gold, but this beauty now has double the amount of wire as previous versions. The Silkworm+ also incorporates a new larger and even more pure Teflon dielectric, an improved and more robust strain relief, comes standard terminated with the fantastic Xhadow Precision RCA plugs. The Xhadow Precision RCA plug is machined from pure OFC copper and is then plated with several layers of ultra pure silver. These plugs are beautiful, even the Teflon dielectric is machined! I am not ashamed to admit that the quality and design of this plug helped increase the Silkworm+'s performance. And now the Silkworm+ has shielding! We wanted to make the Silkworm+ our most quiet Silkworm yet, so we have added another layer of insulation but this is no standard insulation; this insulation is a nonconductive material designed to block Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This new material keeps the grunge out making the Silkworm+ more quiet than any of it's predecessors giving you a silent cable with a clean, quiet dark back ground. If you are in need of even more shielding, at your request, we will install our new "Floating Shield". Please note that the floating shield is recommended only if you presently live in an area with high RFI activity and are currently suffering from RFI related interference.

As with our standard Silkworm this newest "+" wire is treated with our proprietary hand cleaning, hand polishing and preservation process bringing the wire to a performance level we expect out of the SIlkworm line. The Silkworm+ uses an even larger Teflon tube to encase this beautiful wire and of course it's wrapped in our pure chemical free virgin silk. This entire assembly is then carefully wrapped in a special material impregnated with an RFI blocking substance as well as the floating shield mentioned above. This floating shield is not a fully braided type of shield as we found those types of shields sucked the life right out of our cables, but, it is a shield none the less and combined with the RFI rejecting material it works very well. These two additional shielding techniques give the Silkworm+ an even deeper/darker back ground than our previous versions making for a very quiet cable allowing your music to come through as never before. Of course the Silkworm+ uses our tried and true improved strain relief using a heat molding technique with carbon fiber reinforcement making for a solid, durable and robust strain relief system.

Weight, Size, Flexibility
As with all of our other cables the Silkworm+ is extremely easy to manage. Weighing in at a hair over one pound and with a bend radius of less than 4 inches the Silkworm+ is a cable that defines manageability for cables of this caliber and will easily integrate into your system with little to no effort required on your part. Though it is considered a Heavy weight performer-its size, weight and manageability are in the Feather weight class. No more worries about garden hose sized cables damaging or bending the RCA jacks on your prized gear!!