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The Silkworm + (pronounced Silkworm Plus) is a project that we've been working on for quite a while now. Our goal was to design a cable offering the same level of performance as our rare yet expensive, due to rising gold prices, Silkworm Special Edition. We began working with our customers, friends, Beta testers and our wire vendor in 2008 on this project, and after several failures, a nice collection of very VERY good-but not quite what we were looking for prototypes, quite a few bloody fingers and of course the usual set backs, we finally hit the jackpot. Success at last-and she is a real beauty! This cable has more of everything and brings our Silkworm platform to a level of performance that is beyond even our expectations. We wanted to produce a cable offering every thing the S.E. had to offer but without the high cost of the S.E. We often have customers contacting us asking for the S.E. but once they hear the price they shudder and run, and to be honest I don't blame them one bit! With gold prices continually on the rise the S.E. is getting further and further out of reach-for most of us anyway. We've known for a while we needed to expand on the original Silkworm platform but gold prices were holding us back so we began experimenting outside the box. One important goal for us was to try to design and build a cable capable of retaining all the great aspects of the standard Silkworm but expand and improve on these for a cable with smooth and even more extended highs, more authority, more texture and a deeper tighter bass. We wanted it all but without the extreme cost of the S.E. and the new Silkworm + has it all!

In short you still get the wonderful open/airy, warm and organic signature sound of the original Silkworm, but now you get an improvement across the board; oozing with texture, extended yet smooth & silky highs, deep tight bass, this is a cable with speed, detail and authority that will make you sit up and take notice. The new Silkworm + is a heavy hitter in it's class and will have you spell bound in no time. Extending higher and lower than ever before yet smooth and silky, the Silkworm + is probably the most musical interconnect ever made. This baby is exactly what we were hoping for and has managed to exceed our expectations. Though this cable is much more costly and labor intensive than our previous versions and takes us at least twice as long to build as the standard Silkworm-it is still worth every single minute of the effort put forth by us here at KCI and I believe you'll feel the same as we do once you give this cable a try. As you can probably tell we are very proud of this cable and we are pleased that we can offer you, our most important asset, this world class cable at a down to earth price. Our original Silkworm set the standard for being a warm, enjoyable and musical cable and the Silkworm + is an improvement on all those fine points; more bass, more texture, more detail, higher reaching and deeper digging the Silkworm + will have you grinning from ear to ear! Silkworms are famous for presenting a fantastically huge and involving sound stage, a stage that is open, airy, big.....and scarily lifelike, now add gobs of texture with detail and authority that will have you dancing in your listening room-say hello to your new best friend-the Silkworm +!!
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