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Both the signal and return conductor are produced from pure, 99.998% 24K gold bullion which is melted down and pulled into a fine audio grade wire using a special Pat. Pending process. Each wire is then treated with our proprietary hand cleaning, hand polishing and preservation process bringing the wire to itís over achieving level of performance we expect out of our Silkworm interconnects. This wire is then pulled through an over sized pure Teflon tube and wrapped in pure chemical free virgin silk. This entire assembly is then sealed in a higher grade of Tech flex* type material acting as a protective covering.
One aspect that is most often overlooked yet is still extremely important is a cables strain relief system. Using a heat molding technique with dual set screws we have developed a new and much improved strain relief system that is extremely durable and rugged giving you, the customer, piece of mind knowing that your cables are built to last!

Weight, Size, Flexibility
With a weight coming in at under one pound and a bend radius of less than 2.5 inches the Silkworm is a cable that defines manageability! Silkworms will easily integrate into your system, no worries about Anaconda sized cables that weigh 10 pounds, bending the RCA jacks on your prized system!