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The Silkworms are where it all began for us here at KCI. They are award winning interconnects that have changed many audio-nuts minds about just how a cable can and should sound. As with all of our cables Silkworms are handmade, one at a time, with only the finest sounding products available. We designed these cables from the ground up not with fancy looking components but with products producing the best sound quality.

The sound that you can expect from this cable is one small step to the warm side of neutral yet extremely accurate. The problem with most gold cables is that they are soothing and warm, but usually lose control in the lower octaves and are just unable to reach the highs we so crave as audiophiles.......not Silkworms. Extending higher and lower than most other cables dare dream, Silkworms are probably one of the most musical cables ever made.

Silkworms are famous for presenting a fantastically huge and involving sound stage. A stage that is open, airy, big.....and scarily lifelike, Silkworms will take you there! Go ahead, crank up the volume because under no circumstances do they ever lose control and become congested, compressed or thin and bright sounding. They are extremely smooth and will have your toes a tappin in no time!!

Will I notice a difference?
I sure hope so! Usually, once you place these cables into your system it will not be a subtle change, it will be immediate and obvious. You will know that your cable search is over; you have found your cable. Your highs will extend higher yet with no sign of “edginess or forwardness". Your bass will suddenly seem to dip lower than before yet will be tight and taunt. Gone is that artificial, electronically processed sound, the music will seem so real you will think you are at the event. Three-dimensional space will expand both depth and width. The placements of the instruments/performers have now become much more precise and realistic. You haven't heard the human voice, both male and female, reproduced like this. You will swear that you could just reach out and touch them. You are there. You will find yourself breaking out cd's you haven't listened to in years. Silkworms have been put up against many big name cables; most of them costing many times more than the Silkworms.....99% of the time the Silkworms come out on top. Nothing brings life back to your music like these cables! You haven't heard your system, until you've heard it through Silkworms!!