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Silkworm set - one meter in length $1099
Each additional half meter $325
Balanced adds $399 (and includes Xhadow XLR plugs)
Add floating shield $99
Treat on Audiodharma Cable Cooker Pro
Treat with Walker SST Extreme
Free upon request
Please note
As many of you might have noticed, gold prices are on the rise and have been since early 2008. We try our best not to increase our prices unless absolutely necessary and so far I think we've done well at keeping our prices steady. But, please keep in mind that our Silkworm line is produced using 24 karat gold wire thus the gold market can and may have an effect on their prices should gold prices continue to climb.
Silkworms are available in two different colors to help match your needs, either black or white. Please specify which color you would prefer at the time of ordering.