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The Sparrow uses pure OFC copper slow-drawn into a 22 a.w.g. bare wire, pulled right here in the good ole US of A. The wire has a rated purity of "five nines" or 99.999%.

As with all of our unshielded cables, the Sparrow uses the highest purity of over-sized Teflon available in today's market. This Teflon is then pulled through pure chemical-free virgin silk, and covered with not one, but two layers of protective insulation/covering. Each and every wire is meticulously hand-soldered to its respective terminal by a highly skilled craftsman (me!), with a high quality audio-grade silver solder.

It is finally covered with Eichmanns' top-quality milled metal-body plug jackets. One aspect that is most often overlooked--yet is still extremely important--is a cable's strain relief system. Using a heat-molding technique, with our newest carbon fiber reinforcement/separator bar and dual set screws, we developed a new and much improved strain relief system that's extremely durable and rugged. This gives you, the customer, piece of mind knowing that your cables are built to last!

Weight, Size, Flexibility
Weighing less than one pound and with a bend radius of less than 3 inches, the Sparrow is a cable that defines manageability! Just as our other cables, the Sparrow will easily integrate into your system. No more worries about huge Anaconda sized cables that weigh 10 pounds putting unnecessary tension, or bending your RCA jacks on your prized components.