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After the success of the Silkworm and it's siblings we wanted to bring the technology into the copper arena. Using trickle down technology from the Silkworms we gave you the Firefly and the Mandarina, now we bring you the Sparrow. This cable incorporates all the excellent attributes of the highly rated above mentioned cables but now you can have the traditional sound of copper. After testing several different wire designs/configurations we decided that adhering to the high standards used in the Silkworm/Firefly wire gave the best sound. We use the same technique/technology used to pull the highly regarded wire used in the Silkworm and Firefly cables for the copper wire used in our newest cable; the Sparrow. With the cost of precious metals ever on the rise now days the lower cost of copper allowed us to increase the wire gauge in the Sparrow to 22 a.w.g. wire. We did test several thickness wires but found that 22 gauge worked best in all aspects. Once the bulk wire is received here in our office it gets the same treatment as all of our other higher line wire; hand polishing and cleaning as well as an anti-corrosive treatment to prevent oxidation. Finally, after assembly a full treatment on our Audiodharma Cable Cooker Pro 2.5 is offered to our customers at no additional charge.

This cable, in keeping with the traditional sound that copper is well known for, is dynamic and detailed with just the right amount of speed to keep you pleased for years to come. Fluid, dynamic and with a deep reaching tight and solid low end that will have bass junkies grinning from ear to ear, the Sparrow delivers-and it delivers by the bucket load! This is a very dynamic cable with a mid-range that is wonderfully open and smooth with a very natural and almost organic sound to it. With just the right amount of air up top, the highs through the Sparrow are detailed and smooth with no signs of harshness anywhere to be found. The Sparrow is a very full sounding cable that just might bring the "fun" back into your system that you've been looking for. It can and does step on both sides of the center line of neutral...smooth and open in all the right places, bass to die for, with detail and speed right where it's needed most. In standard form, terminated with Eichmann Copper Bullets, the Sparrow is a wonderful sounding cable but if you feel you would like a tad more speed and detail then by all means, opt for the Eichmann Silver Bullets-you won't be disappointed. The Sparrow can easily bring your system to it's best at a much lower price point than many other competing brands(including our own higher end cables) and will leave you wanting nothing. As you can probably tell we're really proud of this cable, but once you hear it in your system you'll understand why; the Sparrow is winner that will have you getting out of your listening chair and dancing the night away!